Toxicity Doesn’t Win

One of my favorite games is Overwatch. Last season I played with this group of guys who for the most part were great players, with the exception of one being incredibly toxic. I know for a fact that when I encounter a toxic player I mute them, block them, and keep doing what I was doing before because if you’re going to be an asshole I’m not going to work with you. This is probably very similar to what a lot of people do when they encounter toxic players. People won’t want to work with you if you are an asshole.

Now comparing this season to last I am doing much better rank wise. The only thing I changed was I stopped playing with this toxic person. It never really was fun listening to him verbally destroy people. It made me feel stressed in a game that I usually enjoy and play to relax. I lost more games playing with him than when I solo queue and I wouldn’t exactly consider him bad at the game, but he is a horrible teammate.

So the moral of the post is that you can be the best player in the world, but if you are a bad teammate you are unlikely to succeed. Be kind to others, learn how to request things without calling your entire team retards, people will be much more likely to work with you.