Nintendo Encourages Resellers

I didn’t think my first post would be about a video game company, but it is. One of my passions is playing video games. Overwatch, The Sims, Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo III, Animal Crossing: New leaf; just to name a few. However, there’s one company that continues to make me scratch my head, and that company is Nintendo.

Ever since Amiibo have come out I’ve noticed a trend. Limited stock, results in high demand, which in turn means profit for resellers. Nintendo, I love your games and your products, but you are shooting yourself in the foot. I see so many people saying how good this high demand is for Nintendo, but it isn’t. If you buy a high demand Amiibo for $10 from the store, Nintendo only gets that. Then you sell it for $20, because people want it and people are willing to pay for it, that means you pocket $10. Nintendo sees nothing of this resale price.

Why do you keep doing this Nintendo? I want your products, but I want to support you, not put money in resellers pockets and encourage them to continue the practice. You need to put more product out, your low inventory causes a faux super high demand inflating resale prices and in the end hurting your fans and yourselves in the long run.